Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Hello All:
The Havana workshop is over and we, the organizers, wish to sincerely thank all of you who participated in making this a successful event. Some 150 persons participated, making this more than a workshop, but of course short of a large conference. Despite some last minute no-shows, which in particular meant that a few panels did not have the scheduled discussants, all the panels were held, presentations were of high quality, attendance at each panel was generally robust,  audience participation was superb, and the feeling of community was strong. Complaints were few at the feedback session held on the last day but among them were  the lack of easy access to bottled water at the workshop given the heat of Havana; the discussant no-shows (one of the reasons why at our first conference in Menton, we did away with discussants altogether); and the lack of some logistical information (despite dissemination of information on the web and in the Chat Room).Out in the world of Havana, the most common frustration was of course with the ICT difficulties but well, that, we could do nothing about.

We were extremely happy that our events were overbooked: the Folklorico was well worth it, providing an enjoyable immersion into Afro-Caribbean culture; and the dinner was a nice wrap-up in a setting looking out over beautiful Havana. Thanks again to all who braved it to come to Cuba. We hope that you enjoyed not only the workshop but also the tours of Old Havana and Ruta Hemingway and other places where your fancy took you. Thanks in particular to all the Cubans who participated.

We want to hear from you about your experience in Havana! Feedback is very important. Please write to JBW if you wish to share your experience. Here are some nice comments:

This meeting in Havana was extremely enriching for me. On the academic side, I was able to meet colleagues and follow their latest work related to Global South concerns and issues. On the personal side it was the moment to put a face on people with whom I communicated a lot but had never met in person, like professor Consuelo Davila, and to meet people already known since the times of the first ISA Global South meeting in Menton, as our Jacqueline Braveboy-Wagner. All days were enriching and I consider the whole experience very positive. Congratulations to all the staff who worked for the organization. You were sensational!

From all of us: Thank you so much, Cristine (Zanella)

Excellent workshop!
Daniela Perrotta, thank you! 

Congratulations on holding such a successful workshop

Seifudein Adem, thank you!

I thank you a lot for this great experience with the Global South Caucus
Élodie Brun, you are welcome.

 I found the whole experience valuable and interesting.  Kudos for organizing.  
Gary LaFree, you are welcome.

It really was a wonderful and valuable experience for me. 

Areli Violante, thank you.

Thank you for all of your work in putting together the Havana Workshop. The workshop was very productive and I am thankful to have met so many colleagues doing interesting and important work in the field.
Robert Asaadi, we thank you for participating

 I wanted to thank you for the great organization of the Workshop and the success of the event in general. 
Lianne Guerra, thank you.

Thank you ... for overseeing a wonderful event in a magical city....

I had the great honour of being on a wonderful panel at the ISA Global South workshop in Havana. The presenters were excellent, offering strong insights and arguments on decolonisation...

Once again, thank you.
All the best, Russell Kerr (more on Facebook)

JBW, Antonio Romero, Consuelo et al.