Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Update for Members Only: Names and Contact Information for EXCOM, 2013

GSCIS Officers

April 2011-March 2014
City University of New York

Nanette Svenson, Vice-Chair/Program Chair

April 2013-March 2015
Tulane University

Lisa Richey, Second Vice President-Outreach
April 2011- March 2014
Roskilde University

Executive Committee Regional Members:

Zakia Afrin, Asia Representative

April 2012-March 2014

Golden Gate University

Imad Mansour, Middle East Representative       

April 2011-March 2014

 Sciences-Po, Menton/Qatar University

H. Ahmed, Africa Representative

April 2013- March 2015

 University of Khartoum

M. Kalil, Latin American Representative

April 2013-March 2015

Fluminense Federal University, Brazil

Jason Strakes, Developing Eurasia Representative/ Initiative

April 2011-March 2014

Ilia State University, Georgia



C. Griffin, Secretary

April 2011-March 2015

North Carolina State University

April 2012-March 2014

Binghamton University

Diana Elsada Cassells, Newsletter Editor

City University of New York

April 2012-March 2014

Delidji Eric Degila, Africa Outreach Initiative

April 2013- March 2014
University JEAN MOULIN Lyon III France