Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Message from Imad Mansour Re GSCIS Conference, Menton

Dear Participants: I am very glad to deliver some excellent news: we are Streaming the Conference Live! Which means that the whole world would be able to watch you deliver the paper and send you questions; there is a dedicated team of Sciences Po – Menton students who will receive questions and transmit them to you. For now, please follow Conference developments on this website ( which is under construction. People can also follow us on Twitter. Regarding the program, note that there are no simultaneous panels: all panels will be held in succession in a large, modern, and technology-equipped amphitheatre. This will maximize the benefits from your stay in that you will receive notes and feedback from everyone else present. This structure realizes our goal for the Conference to have an intimate setting conducive to sharing insights and ideas. As noted before, we will not provide printing options, so make sure to bring what you require with you. Also, prepare your presentation on a memory key. Between panels are 15 minutes breaks where Sciences Po – Menton offers snacks in a spacious room with a large balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. Also, the lunch break is one hour; there are quite a few shops/eateries close by in town (ask us!). Please note that we cannot provide food refrigeration and heating. If you want to benefit from the hotel deals we negotiated, contact the hotels directly (not through agents). By next week, I will e-mail you with a final (edited) program, including more information about a dinner on Friday (I am finalizing a good deal), and other pertinent information. Do not forget to send the papers – they will be available on the website later.