Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday's Program

Saturday 8.15 AM – 10.00 AM:

Plenary Roundtable on Cuba (SP)

Culture and Development in the Caribbean: Opportunity for a New Type of External Projection 
Room: Teatro Varona

Chair and Discussant: Milagros Martinez,, Catedra de estudios del Caribe “Normal Girvan”
Participant: Jacqueline Laguardia Martinez, Institute of International Relations, University of the West Indies
Participant: Tania Garcia, Instituto Cubano de Investigación Cultural “Juan Marinello”
Participant: Jorge Alfredo Carballo Concepción, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales Programa Cuba and Asociación Hermanos Saíz
Participant: Antonio Herrada, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales Programa Cuba and Asociación Hermanos Saíz

Saturday 10.15 AM – 12.00 PM: Theory (S1A) 
Thinking about World Systems/History 
Room: Protocolo 
Chair: Charles McKelvey, University of Havana 
Discussant: Neil Englehart, Bowling Green State University
Globalizing 1794:Revisiting Revolution, Abolition, Invention and Exploration
            Nancy Wright, Long Island University
IR in a Sustainable World System: the Meaning of Latin American Revolutions
            Charles McKelvey, University of Havana
From Anti-Imperialism to the NIEO, the NAM: Development Multilateralism
and Visions for Alternative Globalizations 
            Ljubica Spaskovska, University of Exeter
The New Global Complexity: Contingency and Change in World Politics, A
Theoretical Perspective
            Carlos Ballesteros Pérez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 

Saturday 10.15 AM – 12.00 PM: Policy and Practice (S1B) 
Environmental Policies 
Room: 300 Aniversario 
Chair: Mark Boyer, University of Connecticut 
Discussant: Monique Taylor, Energy Studies Institute, National University of
Role of Energy in Cuban Development 
             Julio Torres Martínez, Centro de Investigaciones
             de Economía Mundial (CIEM - Center forResearch on World Economy, 
             University of Havana 
Climate Change and Environmental Security: Global South Impacts
            Mark Boyer, University of Connecticut
            Neil Oculi, University of Connecticut
Loss and Damage: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Parties’ Positions in
Climate Change Negotiations
            Elisa Calliari, European Center on Climate Change and
             CaFoscan University, Venice (Italy)
Human Wellbeing and Natural Disasters: Evidence from 2015 Earthquake in Nepal
            Jeet Bahadur Sapkota, University of Tsukuba (Japan)
National Biofuels Models: A Threefold Classification from an Eclectic Approach 
            Duilio Lorenzo Calcagno, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo  (Argentina) 

Saturday 10.15 AM – 12.00 PM: Policy and Practice (S1B)M: Policy and Practice (S1C) 
Political Violence 
Room: 250 Aniversario 
Chair: Amy Adamczyk, John Jay College of the City University of New York 
Discussant: Megumi Nishimura, Ritsumeikan University
Religion and Support for Political Violence among Christians and Muslims in 
Sub-Sahara Africa. 
            Amy Adamczyk, John Jay College 
            Gary LaFree, University of Maryland
Political Violence and the Targeting of Aid Workers 
            Alex Braithwaite, University of Arizona
When Organizations Rebel: FORG Dataset 
           Jessica Braithwaite, University of Arizona 
            Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham, University of Maryland
Running Candidates after Using Violence: Colombia Case 
            Alia M. Matanock, University of California, Berkeley 
            Natalia Gabiras Díaz, University of California, Berkeley 

Saturday 1.30 PM – 3.15 PM: Policy and Practice (S2A)
Challenging Western Value/Cultural Discourses and Practices 
Room: 300 Aniversario 
Chair: James S. Krebs, Allegheny College, Pittsburgh, USA
Discussant: Jacqueline Laguardia Martínez, University of the West Indies
Rituals of Love and the Discourse of Cultural Violence.
            Althea-Maria Rivas, York University (Canada)
 Challenging the Savior Mentality in Human Rights Work: Narratives from 
Community Activists in Myanmar; Postcolonial and Feminist Frameworks
            Amy Argenal, University of San Francisco
 Forecasting in IR: Analysis of the Conscious and Unconscious Cultural Codes 
in the Decision Making Process of Policy Makers: East Asia and Africa vs. Europe
            Tadeusz Szczurek, Military  University of
            Technology, Warsaw
            Marcin Gornikiewicz, Military University of Technology, Warsaw

Saturday 1.30PM – 3.15PM: Policy and Practice (S2B)
 Foreign Security Relations
 Room: 250 Aniversario
Chair: HoumanA. Sadri, University of Central Florida
             Universidade Federal Fluminense (Brazil)
Cuba-Great Power Relations
            Carlos Alzugaray Treto
Convergence or Divergence? China’s Evolving Relations with the Middle East 
after the Arab Awakening
            Dawn Murphy, Air War College
Great Powers-Central Asia Ties: Global and Regional
            Houman A. Sadri, University of Central Florida
India’s Security Dilemma Toward China
            Amit Gupta, USAF Air War College
Brazilian Security: Shared Territorialities and Common Preoccupations
            Thiago Gehre, University of Brasilia
            Mauricio Barros, University of Brasilia
The BRICS: Non-Traditional Security Challenges – Energy and Health
            Monique Taylor, National University of Singapore

Saturday 1.30PM – 3.15PM: Policy and Practice (S2C)
 Border Security and Trade
Room: Protocolo
Chair: Sirin Duygulu, Istanbul Sehir University
Discussant: Megumi Nishimura, Ritsumeikan University
Border Security: Understanding Threat from the Global South Perspective
            Leonard Fwa, Bingham University, Nigeria
Exploring the Role of Cross-Border Civil Society Cooperation in Mitigating 
Regional Conflicts: Turkish-Armenian Relations
            Sirin Duygulu, Istanbul Sehir University
International Trade and Investment in the Border Region of Tamaulipas, Mexico: 
The Internationalization of Nuevo Laredo        
             Karla Nava Aguirre, Universidad de Monterey
            Javier Hernández Treviño, Universidad Autónoma
            de Tamaulipas
Dynamics of Collaboration and Cooperation in the Baja California Megaregion: 
An Innovation Approach
            Sylvia Mónica Pérez Nuñez, Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior Universidad 

Saturday 3.30PM – 5.15PM: Policy and Practice (S3A)
Interpretations and Understandings of   Gender, Sex, and Political Violence: Comparing Global and Local Approaches
 Room: Protocolo
Chair: Kelly M. Kadera, University of Iowa
Discussant: Jennifer Lobasz, University of Delaware
Questioning the Feminist Peace at the Local Level Part 1 
             Kelly M. Kadera, University of Iowa
            Maxwell T. Moloney, Marquette University
Questioning the Feminist Peace at the Local Level Part 2
>             Laura Sjoberg, University of Florida
            Cameron Thies, Arizona State University
Assessing Post-Conflict Peace under Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in Liberia
             Sarah Shair-Rosenfield, Arizona State University  

Saturday 3.30PM – 5.15PM: Policy and Practice (S3B) Development/Sustainability Issues
Room: 300 Aniversario 
Chair: Moushumi Basu, Jawaharlal Nehru University 
Discussant: Antonio Herrada, Programa FLACSO (Facultad Latinoamericana
de Ciencias Sociales).

Factoring in Subaltern Narratives into IR: Trade, Growth, and Development
            Moushumi Basu, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Challenges of the Renegotiation of NAFTA (TLCAN)
            Rafael Sosa Carpenter, Escuela Bancaria Comercial,
           Universidad Pontifica de México
Financial Governance in Latin America 2011-2017
            Ronald Andrés González Reyes, Universidad Nacional
            Autónoma de México
Developing a Sustainable Future for Cuba and the Democratic People’s Republic
of Korea
            Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla, Warwick University (UK) 
            Virginie Grzelczyk, Aston University

 Saturday 3.30PM – 5.15PM: Policy and Practice (S3C) 
New Diplomacy 
Room: 250 Aniversario 
Chair: Raymond Laureano-Ortiz,  Centro de Estudios

            Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe 
Discussant: Maria Teresa Aya Smitmans, Diplomatic Academy, Chile

Cuba’s Medical Diplomacy
            Gail Reed, MEDIC, Cuba
The Paradiplomacy of Federative Entities in Mexico: The Case of San Luis Potosi
            María Cecilia Costero Gabariño, Colegio de San 
The Transformation of Political Power: The Diplomacy/IR of Local Governments 
in Latin America
            Leonardo Díaz Abraham, Universidad Autónoma
            Metropolitana, Unidad Cuajimalpa, México
The Cyber-Diplomacy of Migrants in Peacebuilding: The Colombian Case
Mariana Carmona Vescance, Universidad San
Buenaventura (Colombia)

Puerto Rico’s Paradiplomacy from Cold War to Free Trade: Between Pragmatism and Identity

            Raymond Laureano-Ortiz,  Centro de Estudios

            Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe, Puerto Rico
Saturday 5.30PM – 6.30PM: Wrap Up

Global South Caucus Feedback Session: Town Hall

Room: 250 Aniversario

Friday's Program

Friday's Program

Friday 8.15 AM – 10.00 PM:  Plenary (FP)

The Foreign Policy of Regional Powers

Room: Teatro Varona

Chair: Consuelo Dávila Pérez, 
            Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
            Autónoma de México
Discussant: Alejandro Chanona,
            Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 
What is a Middle Power?

            Laura Neack, Miami University (Ohio)

Cuba’s Foreign Policy: Relations with Emerging Powers

          Santiago Pérez, Centro de Investigaciones de

             Política Internacional, Foreign Affairs Ministry (Cuba)

Brazil: Emerging Power?

           Mariana Kalil , Universidade de Brasilia

Mexico’s Foreign Policy

            Consuelo Dávila Pérez and Alejandro Chanona,Universidad Nacional
            Autónoma de México

Friday 10.15 AM – 12.00 PM:  Contending Theory/Debates/New Perspectives (F1A)

Theorizing Regions and IOs in World Affairs

Room: Protocolo

Chair: DanielaPerrotta,  University of Buenos Aires

Discussant: ÉlodieBrun, Colegio de Mexico

Regional Integration in Latin America: Clash of Theories

            Daniela Perrotta,  Universidad de Buenos Aires

The Local Politics of International Intervention: Beyond Hybridity to the Politics of Scale – Timor-Leste

            Lee Jones, Queen Mary University of London

Pathways for the Exercise of Agency by the African Union

            Thomas Kwasi Tieku, King’s College of the University of

            Western Ontario

Rethinking the Role of NGOs in Global Governance: NGOs as Agents

            Erin Hannah, King’s College of the University of

            Western Ontario

Friday 10.15 AM – 12.00 PM:   Policy and Practice (F1B)

Development Cooperation

Room: 300 Aniversario

Chair: Megumi Nishimura, Ritsumeikan University

Discussant: Folashadé Soulé-Kohndu, Sciences Po, Paris

China and the Caribbean: Some Consequences of ‘Chinafication’
            Betty Sedoc-Dahlberg, Suriname (formerly University of Florida)

Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba: Analyzing Donors’ Identities, Values and Interests in South-South Cooperation

            Lianne Guerra Rondón, Universidad Complutense of


From Ningxia to Oman: Examining the Roles of Chinese Provinces in Development Cooperation

            Xuefei Shi, Radboud University,  The Netherlands

Between Solidarity and Power Competition: Brazil, India, and China’s South-South Cooperation in Africa

          Francesca Mercurio, University of Sao Paulo

Friday 10.15 AM – 12.00 PM:   Pedagogy and Research (F1C)

Perspectives on Specialized Academic Programs

Room: 250 Aniversario

Chair: Cristine Koehler Zanella, University of Uberlãndia

Discussant: Seifudein Adem, Binghamton University

The Study of World Regions in IR Academic Programs in Mexico

            Rafael Velázquez Flores, Universidad Autónoma de

             Baja California

             Luis Ochoa Bilbao, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

Feminism in Latin America: A Panorama from the Global South

            Cristine Koehler Zanella, University of Uberlãndia

            Cibele Cheron, Rio Grande do Sul National University

Peace Education: A Comparison between Turkey and Leading Institutions

            Hasan Deniz PeksenGalatasaray University and
            Okan University ,Turkey

Brazilian and Latin American Contributions to IPE: Developing IPE from Below

            Leonardo Ramos, Pontifical Catholic University, Minas

Friday 1.30 PM – 3.15 PM: Contending Theories (F2A)

Afro/Island Contributions to IR Theory

Room: 250 Aniversario

Chair: Olivia Umererwa Rutazibwa, University of

            Portsmouth (UK)

Discussant: Thomas Tieku, King’s College of the University of

            Western Ontario

The Howard School of IR Theorizing Identity, Culture  and Power in the International System

            Krista Johnson, Howard University

Contributions of Ali Mazrui to IR: Thoughts on China

            Seifudein Adem, Binghamton University

Authorizing Islands: Two Tales of IR

            Russell Kerr, Australian National University

Black Power and Agaciro: Decolonizing International Solidarity
            Olivia Rutazibwa, University of Portsmouth

Contested Meanings: Timbuktu and the Prosecution of Destruction of Cultural Heritage as War Crimes

            Oumar Bar, University of Florida

Ubuntu” as a Model for Peace and Stability: Power Sharing as a tool of Conflict Resolution in Africa

            Lembe Tiky, University of Connecticut

Friday 1.30 PM – 3.15 PM: Policy and Practice (F2B)

Foreign Policies of Key States

Room: Protocolo

Chair: Kota Suechik, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Discussant: Dawn Murphy, Air War College

Egypt’s anti-Islamist Foreign Policy and Re-Establishment of the Arab Security Alliance

            Kota Suechik, Ritsumeikan University

            A.Takuro Kikkawa, Ritsumeikan University

            Takayuki Yokota, Meiji University

Rethinking Brazil’s Charm Offensive: The Limitations of Soft Power Strategy in Brazil and Japan

            Tanisha Tingle-Smith, Global South Analytics (US)

Cashing in on Being in the Middle: Turkish Governmental Framing Strategies of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

             Ugur Cevdet Panayirci, Istanbul Sehir University 
             Sirin Duygulu, Istanbul Sehir University           

 Friday 1.30 PM – 3.15 PM: Pedagogy and Research (F2C)

Challenges to Research and Publishing in the South: Panel/Roundtable

Room: 300 Aniversario

Chair and Discussant: Clifford E. Griffin, North Carolina

             State University

Challenges to African Scholarship, Research and Publishing

            Oluwatoyin Oluwaniyi, Redeemer’s University,


Challenges to Doing Research in Cuba and Publishing IR-Caribbean Research

            Elsada Diana Cassells, Lehman College of the City

            University of New York

Doing Research in Brazil

            Mariana Kalil, University of Brasilia

Publishing Opportunities in International Ethics for Scholars in the Global South

            Amy Eckert, Metropolitan State University of Denver

            Joy Gordon, Loyola University, Chicago
Open discussion by Publishers and Consumers of Global South IR to talk about their work


Friday 3.30 PM – 5.15 PM: Contending Theories (F3A)

Feminist Interpretations of IR

Room: 300 Aniversario

Chair: Rirhandu Mageza-Barthel, University of Frankfurt 

Discussant: Mariana Aparicio Ramirez, Universidad Nacional

            Autónoma de México

Explaining Macrolevel Normative Change on Issues of Sexuality and Violence: A Feminist Approach

            Lahoma Thomas, University of Toronto

            Sara Rich-Zendel, University of Toronto

Explaining Female Terrorism: The Status of Women in the Quran

            Christine Sixta Rinehart, University of South Carolina,

             Palmetto College

A Gendered Perspective: South African Social Movements in African-Chinese Relations

            Rirhandu Mageza-Barthel, University of Frankfurt

Female Fighters and the Construction of Rebel Legitimacy

            Reed Wood, Arizona State University

Friday 3.30 PM – 5.15 PM: Policy and Practice (F3B)

Exploring Diplomatic Linkages in a New Era

Room: 250 Aniversario

Chair: Andrés Serbin, Coordinadora Regional de

             Investigaciones Económicos y Sociales

Discussant: Antonio Romero, University of Havana

Latin American IGOs as Agents and Structures of Change in Global Trade and Governance

            Erin Hannah, King’s College of the University of

            Western Ontario
            Holly Ryan, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Intra-Regional Relations between Cuba, CARICOM, and the Association of Caribbean States: Focus on Tourism
            Clifford E. Griffin, North Carolina State University
The Pacific Alliance as an Instrument of Integration and Development in Latin America
            Carlos Gabriel Argüelles Arredondo, University of Baja
             California and Universidad del Mar, Huatulco
Bilateral Relations between Mexico and Cuba: A Perspective 2012 to the Present
            Areli Violante Navarrete, Universidad Nacional
            Autónoma de México


Friday 3.30 PM – 5.15 PM: Publishing and Research (F3C)

ISA Journal Editors’ roundtable

Room: Protocolo

ISA Journal Editors Talk about Publishing with Them

Kelly M. Kadera, International Studies Review

Daniel Nexon, International Studies Quarterly

Laura Sjoberg, International Feminist Journal of Politics

Cameron Thies, Foreign Policy Analysis