Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Mainstream scholarship in International Relations (IR) and related disciplines has recently come under increasing fire for its unwillingness and/or inability to see the world from the perspective of the Global South. This has led to calls to “decolonize” these fields and rethink them from a Southern perspective, as well as to bring the intellectual contributions of Global South IR scholars to the attention of their Global North counterparts.

Indeed, ISA’s 2015 annual convention is being organized around the theme of creating a “Global IR,” which entails “the acknowledgement of regional diversity and local agency” and a “new, pluralistic universalism” that seeks to incorporate the Global South into a field that has long been considered an “American social science.”

To contribute to these worthy efforts, the GSCIS has decided to compile a bibliography of key books, articles, and projects dealing with Global South (or Third World) international relations, broadly defined. This list is intended as a resource primarily for professors and graduate students, who often ask us for suggested readings, and who may be seeking ways to incorporate the Global South into their own research and course syllabi.

In general terms, the aim is to both foster greater understanding of the role of Global South actors in international politics and economics, as well as to create possibilities for dialogue between Northern and Southern scholarship.  

GSCIS member Kevin Funk ( is coordinating the compilation of this bibliography. Please be in touch with him if you would like to help! The more people who get involved, the better this resource will be. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Great conference response and info re hotels

Dear Caucus Members:
The response to our upcoming conference in Singapore has been very good indeed and we thank you for your enthusiasm and your help in growing the caucus. The conference team--operating from  Singapore, Qatar and Panama as well as the US) is now working on the complicated process of putting the program together (more than 500 papers have to be put together into panels) so please bear with us if we are a bit tardy in responding to your emails at this time.

As indicated on the ISA site, our deadline for putting the program together is early September. Early registration will then begin on the 15th.  Meanwhile, we have now uploaded data about the hotels many of you have been asking about. As always please check the ISA site or click here for our own site:Second GSCIS Conference.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Call for Nominations: Distinguished Scholar Award 2015

Dear GSCIS members:
First of all, thank you for the wonderful response we had to the call for proposals for the Singapore conference. We are in the process of working on the program and will get back to everyone soon.
Now, I hate to disrupt your summer work but if you can spare a moment please attend to this:
As you know every year we have honored a distinguished scholar who has contributed significantly to the study of /policy development in the global south. In our first year of operation, we honored the African scholar Professor Ai Mazrui. In our second we honored Dr. Jomo Sundaram from Malaysia, and in our third Dr. Arlene Tickner from Colombia. I am sure that you will agree that the luncheon at which we give our award is now established as a wonderful highlight of the convention.  It is now time to send in your nominations for 2015. At this time we wish to honor either an Africanist or a Middle East specialist. Please send your nominations to me for consideration by the committee by AUGUST 31st.
I thank you in advance.
Here are the criteria:
The Global South Caucus’ Distinguished Scholar Award is given annually in recognition of the recipient’s exceptional and sustained contribution to global south international studies (defined within the context of the ISA), as reflected both in published works as well as policy contributions. If the recipient is able to attend the ISA convention at which the award is given, s/he will be expected to give a brief address to members, usually at a luncheon event.
General Information
Recipients must meet the Following Criteria
  1. Recipients must be a current member of ISA.
  2. A distinguished record of scholarship and usually a record of policy contributions reflecting a sustained interest in global south affairs.
  • The recipient receives a plaque, which is presented at the ISA Annual Convention.
Selection Process
  • The Caucus Executive Committee will review nominations from the membership at large, and select the recipient.
  • The award will be presented during the ISA Annual Convention.
Apply For This Award
  • Members and friends of the Caucus are asked to submit nominations by email to the Caucus’ Chair.
  • A note outlining the basis for considering the nominee, as well as a bio/CV (or web link to one) should accompany the nomination.
  • Final decisions are made by the Executive Committee.
  • The deadline for nominations is August 31st..