Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Singapore Conference Update

January 2nd
A happy new year to all.
As the conference nears, please remember to send your papers to the discussants and chairs and to upload your paper online.

Upload Your Paper(s)

ISA policy requires a digital version of presented papers to be uploaded before the conference,  to give your discussant time to read your work. You'll find the upload form on your schedule page.

There continue to be changes to the program as people encounter unexpected visa, financial or personal problems. Any changes to the program made after December 25 will appear in an addendum.

Have a safe flight/trip, wherever you are coming from!

December 18:
A reminder to let us know if you will attend the South-South networking roundtable and the Grad Students get together. Note that the Grad Students get together will be oriented around publishing tips and that our featured speaker will be Taylor and Francis's regional editorial director Lyndsey Dixon. Write to the addresses below (see December 7 communication). A light lunch will be served.

The final program has now been uploaded to the ISA site. A few persons have commented on changes with respect to their roles as chairs/discussants. Please check carefully and let us know if anything is awry. Please note again that under ISA rules, students cannot be discussants. If your panel is missing a chair or discussant, let us know. Some persons have been asked to serve but have not yet responded.

Please see the amended Events Program:

Disbursement of grants
Thank you for your patience as we determined not only the grantees (which we did in October) but whether there was a realistic chance of grantees actually coming to the conference. We are aware of how expensive this conference is, especially to no-Asian participants. ISA HQ will be writing to all grantees to let you know exactly how  grants are disbursed. Grants are NOT disbursed before the conference. Please keep your receipts to show at the conference. 

December 7:
Please note:
GSCIS Topical Focus Roundtable: South-South Networking: Sharing the Experiences of Female Professors from the Global South. ALL CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS ARE INVITED (not gender restricted). Please register to attend by December 15th by sending an email to:

12:00p-1:00p: Lunch break; Graduate Students Informal Get Together. ALL CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS ARE INVITED. Please register to attend by December 15th by sending an

December 3:
Dear Participants:
As some of you know, although we sent out the list of travel grantees on October 20, we have kept a reserve list just in case people decline or find that they cannot come as time goes on. We have opted to distribute small grants to a large group of applicants, rather than large grants to a few. We have been gradually redistributing the declined funds (but note that very few people have declined). We will complete the process by Friday December 5. If you have not heard from us by then, please assume that we have not been able to accommodate your request. We know that it is very expensive to get to Singapore from certain places but we hope that you will be able to find the funds for this very stimulating global south conference.

The program has been evolving  to accommodate withdrawals and a few local additions. Please keep checking the ISA site online to review changes. A few panels have been merged, some placements changed on request or because we felt that the new placement was more appropriate etc. In addition, the role of chair and discussant has been changed quite a few times as people decline the position so please make sure to check those positions. Most changes are accompanied by an email from us via the system so please let us know if you cannot perform the assigned task.

Don't forget to use the Chat Room (Chat )
for discussions about cheap flights and other issues.
Thank you once again for your interest in the conference.