Friday, September 23, 2016

Hong Kong conference, Cuba, Baltimore etc.

Hi Colleagues:
As you know, the ISA is holding a conference in Hong Kong in June 2017. For more information please see the ISA website. A call for proposals went out some time ago.

The GSCIS would like to sponsor or co-sponsor some panels at the conference and we are asking anyone who is interested in participating to let us know, separately from your submission to the HK organizers, so that we can liaise appropriately with them. Please send your proposals (or a message regarding your submission) to me in my capacity as Chair of the Advisory Committee on Outreach and Conferences. Click here:

In connection with this, we are asking for participants in a roundtable proposed by Prof. Runa Das entitled:
"Sharing Globally Lived Experiences, Challenges and Promises in Academia." The RT fits into the GSCIS's aim to encourage networking between scholars working in the North and those in the South. It aims to develop/suggest coalition-building, survival, and networking strategies for these globally employed scholars across several continents to see how they can meet “structural hindrances” that are faced in academia. 
If you are planning on attending the HK conference and would like to give a presentation at this  RT, please let me know as soon as possible.

Other News
Work on holding a workshop (no more than 100 participants) in Cuba in 2017 (after the HK conference) is proceeding apace, and we will soon let you know definitively whether it will be held. The prognosis is good. The workshop will be devoted to our usual GSCIS themes, namely "decolonizing" IR, including local and regional perspectives in IR (with a view to producing a Global IR,  helping global south scholars integrate into the academy )wherever they are located),  and clarifying the link between theory and practice in GS studies. 
As soon as the exact dates and arrangements are complete, we will send out a notice to you all. However, you may wish to begin thinking about whether you would like to participate in such a meeting and even get ahead of the game by emailing me so that I can have an idea of how many may wish to participate. Because of the numerical restrictions,  GSCIS members will be given priority for this meeting. A general call to ISA members will be made AFTER a call to the GSCIS.

Some members have been asking about the proposed Brazil conference. The following post appeared earlier and is repeated here for those who missed it:

Dear Members:
In the summer newsletter which is on its way to you, you will note that the Third GSCIS Conference  scheduled for Brazil has been postponed in order to avoid clashing with other ISA conferences scheduled for next summer. Instead the Committee on Outreach is currently negotiating to hold a few smaller workshops in 2017. One such will take place in Manila within the larger PHISO conference, and a second is tentatively (Note: tentatively) scheduled for Havana. We will update you soon regarding the latter.
jbw, Chair, Outreach

And so, see Cuba update above.
Imad Mansour (Program Chair) and Nanette Svenson (GSCIS Chair) have been working hard on our Baltimore offerings.  Thanks to a very cooperative program committee as well as the other section and caucus chairs, the GSCIS will this year sponsor or co-sponsor the most panels and roundtables we have ever had. By now you will have received your acceptances so be sure to pre-register soon to secure your place. A fall newsletter will be out in due course, with preliminary information on the program.


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