Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Fifth to Sixth Year: Changes Brewing

Dear All:
As we move on to the next five years, I wanted to personally thank all those who have stuck with me and with the caucus over the past five years. It has been great to work with you, even though the work has at times been overwhelming. The caucus now has a steadily growing membership, has a reasonable amount of money mainly resulting from its conferences (particularly Singapore 2015), has gradually broadened the number and scope of the panels sponsored and co-sponsored at the main ISA conference, and most of all, has certainly contributed to the awareness of ISA that the global south must be included in IR and IS, theoretically as well as substantively. (In this respect, please watch out for the forthcoming publication by Palgrave-Macmillan of Seeking to Lead: Diplomatic Strategies of Rising Nations in the Global South, edited by J. Braveboy-Wagner and containing contributions by many caucus members.)

We hope to devote the next few years to broadening our outreach to various regions and countries in the global south as well as to integrating global south studies as tightly as possible into ISA. In this respect, as the formal leadership transitions to new hands, we have created a new Advisory Committee on Outreach whose members include the Immediate Past Chair (JB-W), former Vice Chair Lisa Richey (Denmark), former head of Africa Initiative Eric Degila (Geneva), former head of the Developing Eurasia Initiative Jason Strakes (Georgia), and Alan Chong (Singapore), assisted in logistical matters by the previous Newsletter Editor Diana Cassells. This committee (working with the EXCOM) will handle all matters concerning affiliations with institutions in the global south as well as the related matter of conferences and workshops (including aspects of ISA's joint conferences) to be held in the global south. If you are interested in any form of outreach to us, whether you are an individual or an institution, please contact as soon as possible.

We know that members are particularly anxious to know where we will hold out third GSCIS conference. The  Advisory Committee and the Executive Committee will decide on this issue very soon so stay tuned.

As we move on to the program for ISA 2016 Baltimore, we need to finalize the status of our slate of officers for the next year. So if you have not yet voted, please do not forget that the deadline to do so is April 1. All members received ballots by email but if you did not please go to for details ASAP!

Best wishes to all,
J. Braveboy-Wagner

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