Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Atlanta Redux

Dear Colleagues:

We celebrated our fifth anniversary (with no particular ceremony) at ISA-Atlanta and I think that we can all agree that the Atlanta conference was a great success for the GSCIS. We sponsored and co-sponsored a record number of panels, workshops and other events, including a presidential theme panel, a workshop on gender issues, and of course our Distinguished Scholar luncheon. Many thanks to all who participated in these events! As is traditional, Amitav Acharya, our Distinguished Scholar Honoree, will be sending us a copy of his well-received address soon. And as usual we will carry it both on this blog and in the next newsletter. The luncheon was well attended and the food was delicious. Kudos to Max Lager's manager Dallas Hardy for managing what could have been a problematic hurdle that led to the late arrival of the much-requested salmon. Here are some photos from the luncheon.

Introductions by Chair, J. Braveboy-Wagner
Honoree Amitav Acharya speaking
Presentation of Award
With Arlene Tickner, 2014 Honoree
Sheila Nair and Colleagues accepting award for the late Prof. Geeta Chowdhry

For the text of Amitav Acharya's speech go to
Please go to the next blog entry for more on our 5th-6th year plans! 

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