Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kevin Funk Asks You...

Dear Members:
Happy start of summer!


Given the recent spate of works contesting mainstream IR, the GSCIS has decided to compile a bibliography of what members consider to be key books, articles, and projects dealing with global south (third world) international relations and foreign policy. This list should be particularly useful for graduate students, who often ask us for suggestions for reading lists. GSCIS member Kevin Funk ( is coordinating the compilation of this bibliography. Please be in touch with him if you would like to help! The more people who get involved, the better the list will be. 


We hope that you are planning to participate in the Bangkok conference in January 2015. All GSCIS members are of course very special invitees. Regarding the political situation in Thailand, we are in regular contact with our colleagues there and we ask you to please check the blog continually for updates (as well as other news). As global south persons, we are all aware of the vicissitudes of politics in our areas of the world; our conferences will be useless without the ability to ensure the free flow of ideas. So rest assured that we are keeping on top of things.  The conference updates will be specifically uploaded to this link: For other updates just click the usual blog link We also request that you sign up to “follow” the blog as well as our facebook page ( It makes it simpler to keep well informed.