Thursday, May 29, 2014

For Global South Scholars Living Abroad

The Women's Caucus in International Studies is planning to sponsor a roundtable at ISA-New Orleans entitled Living Globalization: Female Academics at Home and Abroad. WCIS is particularly looking for female academics working in countries other than the one(s) in which they were born or raised. Particularly welcome are female academics working in/from Africa, East Asia or South America.  

Here is the  proposed blurb for the roundtable:

International studies is an increasingly globally interconnected profession.  This trend includes a growing number of female faculty who take up positions in countries other than those in which they were born and/or raised.  This professional migration suggests a number of questions that have remained unexplored.

First, what is the status of female academics in comparative perspective?  What are the differences and similarities in the experiences of female academics in various countries around the world?  Although there have been numerous studies on the status of women in academia, much of it is US-focused or consists of single-country studies.  This panel will draw attention to comparison across societies.

Second, what is the status of foreign-born female academics, or those who work in a different society from that in which they were born and/or raised?  The few studies that focus on foreign-born (female) academics address the situation of those who work in the US.  However, female foreign-born faculty are present at universities in many countries.  Are their experiences similar or different?

This roundtable is an initial exploration of the intersection of “femaleness” and “foreignness” in the international studies profession.

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