Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter/spring 2014 Newsletter/Toronto/Honoree Luncheon

The Global South Caucus’s newsletter for winter-spring is out and will be sent to members by ISA HQ if it has not already arrived.  Please take a few moments to check out the panels we are sponsoring/co-sponsoring for Toronto, and to print out a convenient summary we have included for you to carry around.  Please try to attend the panels and support our members.  As you know, ISA is somewhat notorious for the small audiences. Please also note that we will have our annual luncheon on Friday 28, at which time we are pleased to honor Dr. Arlene B. Tickner. Please contact the Chair by March 15th if you would like to attend. The information on our luncheon (at the University of Toronto) is not in the online program but will be carried as an addendum. 
In addition the newsletter contains information on the upcoming FLACSO meeting and the second GSCIS conference tentatively carded for Bangkok in January 2015. Finally (not in the newsletter), we will hold elections for a few slots on our EXCOM so please see the blog for that soon. See you in Toronto and thanks for your support.

Please pay particular attention to the following GSCIS panels and events :

Wednesday Lunchtime
TB11 and TC34: Thursday
CAUCUS PANELS: Please attend
FA66: Friday

Maple East/Sheraton
Rooms: See below

Room: Suite 3729/Sheraton
AT: University of Toronto (tentatively at faculty club; watch for confirmation)
Global Caucus
(Report on Governing Council initiatives)

Time: 12.30 PM- 1.30 PM
(1)Assessing the Status of Teaching and Research on Development (Roundtable)
Room: Sheraton C)
(2) The Significance of Geopolitics in Global South IR

(Room: Johnston/Hilton)
1.45 PM – 3.30PM
FA66: New Actors and Alliances: The Business of Development

Time: 8:15 AM - 10:00 AM
Distinguished Scholar Luncheon honoring Dr. Arlene B. Tickner
All members invited; $10 suggested donation; limited seating; Respond to Chair or any Executive Committee member by March 15th

Time: 11.15AM – 1.15.PM