Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Call for Nominations for Distinguished Scholar Award 2014

Dear Members and Friends:

Please send me your suggestions for our third Global South Caucus’ Distinguished Scholar Award. The award is given annually in recognition of the recipient’s exceptional and sustained contribution to global south international studies (defined within the context of the ISA), as reflected both in published works as well as policy contributions. If the recipient is able to attend the ISA convention at which the award is given, s/he will be expected to give a brief address, usually at a members-only luncheon. In fact, our luncheons are fast becoming a signature event!
Because we honored an African scholar( Ali Mazrui) in 2012 and an Asian scholar (Jomo Sundaram) in 2013, we would like to honor a Latin American and Caribbean scholar this time around. We are not obliged to do so but we think that rotation is a good practice. So please send any ideas to me as soon as possible.
Send to the Caucus chair at jbraveboy-wagner@gc.cuny.edu. You can also nominate via comment to this blog entry.

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