Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Dear Members:

The new EXCOM is now in place. 

 However, because the slate did not garner the required 15% of the votes, the Nominating Committee (put together each year by the Chair from persons not running for election) has decided that all members of the EXCOM will serve for one year only, after which new elections will be held for all positions.

In the meantime, the EXCOM and the Nominating Committee will hold thorough discussions on the issue of our voting procedures. In addition the new Advisory Committee on Outreach, headed by JB-W, will reach out to members around the world to ensure that next time around we have a contested slate. 
Please contribute to the effort by emailing if you wish to serve. Suggestions regarding the voting process can be sent to

The EXCOM 2016-2017:
Nanette Svenson, Chair
Imad Mansour, Vice Chair
J. Braveboy-Wagner, Immediate Past Chair
At large members:
Paul Adogamhe 
Pichamon Yeophantong
Kristina Hinds Harrison
Aigul Kulnazarova
Serkan Bulut
Other members with vote:
Mariana Kalil (Communications)
Kevin Funk (Newsletter)
Matthew Bishop (Treasurer).
Many thanks to all outgoing members. Please note that the Africa and DEI initiatives have now been folded into the new Advisory Committee for Outreach.

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