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Dear Colleagues:

Please first review the following post from last year:

In keeping with last summer's decision and in accord with our charter which calls for elections either before the annual convention or within 30 days of the convention, the Nominations Committee of the GSCIS alerts you to the following:

Open slots on the Executive Committee (2015-2017 OR 2016-2018):**
Chair and Vice Chair
Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean
Representative for Africa
Representative for Asia
Representative for the Middle East
Representative for  Developing Eurasia

Newsletter Editor
Communications Director
Head, Developing Eurasia Initiative
Head, Africa Initiative

**Explanation: In keeping with last year's decision, the following persons currently serving a one-year term will be automatically nominated for a second year, along with anyone else nominated by the membership and deemed to be qualified by the Nominating Committee. A threshold of 15% of members voting is required for a valid election.
***"Other" members are technically not EXCOM members but are included without a vote in all deliberations of the council. Heads of the Africa and DEI Initiatives are for one year terms renewable for another year by the Nominating Committee and Executive Committee based on performance and other criteria.

Automatic Nominees (currently serving; needing affirmation for another year). These slots are declared open for competition again this year.
Nanette Svenson for Chair (Nanette is currently the Co-Chair)
Imad Mansour for Vice Chair
Paul Adogamhe (Africa slot on EXCOM)
Kristina Hinds (Latin America/Caribbean slot on EXCOM)
Serkan Bulut, Middle East slot on EXCOM
Aigul Kulnazarova, , Developing Eurasia slot on EXCOM
Mariana Kalil,  Communications Director of caucus

Any person not currently serving who is elected in this round will serve a new two-year term, that is 2016-2018. 
EXCOM and other terms are not normally renewable past two years unless the Nominating Committee and Executive Committee find that extraordinary circumstances prevail.

If you would like to serve the caucus, or would like to nominate someone for ANY position, please write to the Chair ASAP at
jbraveboy-wagner@gc.cuny.edu. The Chair will forward your nomination to the Nominations Committee composed this time of EXCOM members who are not running for election this year.

Please respond by February 15th. Please send bios of candidates when you respond. The election slate, their bios, and balloting process will be sent out soon after.

In nominating persons, please take note of the following sections of the Charter of the GSCIS
(Amended Charter as of March 2015: for full charter click here)

1. The officers of the Global South Caucus for International Studies shall be as follows: Chair, a Vice Chair who will also serve as the Program Chair, a Secretary/Communications Manager, a Treasurer and a Newsletter Editor.
2. The term of office for the Chair and Vice Chair shall be two (2) years, unless the Executive Committee votes, under extraordinary circumstances, to extend these terms for no more than two additional years.
3. The term of office of the Secretary and the Treasurer shall be two (2) years. These two officers may stand for re-election to one other term, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee.
4. The term of office of the Newsletter Editor shall be two (2) years. This officer may stand for re-election to one other term, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee.
Executive Committee
5a. The Executive Committee shall consist of all current officers (as in Article IV.1), the immediate past chair of GSCIS serving ex-officio, and five (5) at-large members representing the following areas:
i) Latin America and the Caribbean; ii) South and Southeast Asia and the Pacific; iii) Africa; iv) Middle East/North Africa; v) developing Eurasia and/or North-South. The designation ‘North-South” refers to scholars working on issues linking North America and Europe with the global south.
5b. In so far as is possible, the Caucus shall endeavor to rotate the at-large membership among the various sub-regions of the broader regions of the global south.
6. At-large members shall serve a non-renewable term of two (2) years unless the Executive Committee votes, under extraordinary circumstances, to extend these terms for no more than two additional years.  However, three at-large members will initially serve a one-year term (renewable for another year by election), in order to allow for rotating terms and the maintenance of institutional memory.

The Executive Committee serves as the nominating committee for committees other than itself. For membership of the Executive Committee, a nominating committee composed of three to five members of the Global South Caucus chosen by the Chair shall nominate candidates. Self-nominations are encouraged. The Chair and Vice Chair may also submit their own nominations to the committee.
The Vice Chair is eligible to serve as Chair as is any member who is deemed to have played a sufficiently active role in the caucus.
Candidates nominated should meet the required criteria of geographic and disciplinary diversity. The committee should take into account the contributions of nominees to the Caucus and the ISA.
Bios of prospective candidates shall be e-mailed to members before the annual election (which normally coincides with the annual business meeting) or before any by-election. Ballots shall be returned by e-mail within a specified period of time. New officers shall normally be presented to the membership at the annual meeting. 
In extraordinary circumstances, elections may take place no more than thirty (30) days after the annual meeting. In such a case, the terms of members of the EXCOM will expire with new elections rather than at the annual meeting.

Thank you,

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