Thursday, March 26, 2015


RE: ISA 2016

This is an open call for paper proposals for a Presidential Panel on the many different conceptualizations of peace in the global south (peace as absence of war/conflict management, peace as development etc). We will select four of the most innovative and geographically representative proposals from your submissions. For more information on the theme of the Atlanta conference, see Your proposals (just a paragraph, along with your name and affiliation) should be sent in by March 30th. We know that this does not give you much time and we do apologize but we have decided rather belatedly to give everyone a chance to participate rather than the usual process of designating a handful of senior people to present at such panels. Of course, we also take this opportunity to remind you that the deadline for other proposals for ISA 2016 is June 1st.

Send proposals to you.

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