Monday, October 6, 2014

Singapore Registration

Dear Participants:
We know that some of you have been experiencing problems with pre-registration so we have kept registration open for a few days longer. Hurry up though! We need to get a good idea about the level of attendance.
Note that we have updated the "all you need to know" blog site with:
A   list of hotels other than the ones listed on the ISA site.
Google Chat Room.

We will soon let you know who will be on the plenary: We are hoping to have the very well known Prof. Kishore Mahbubani as a main speaker.
We will also soon provide some information on tours of Singapore.
So do hurry up and register!

Registration has been kept open until Monday 13th but please do not wait any longer. As you can imagine, once a program is set, it is difficult to change it, not to mention the disservice you do to others on the panel and roundtable.
And again, if you are having any special problems with registration, the easiest way to get it resolved is to let any member of the team know.
Make sure you go to this page for information:  

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