Monday, June 16, 2014


For more complete information on the conference, go to the blog page:Second Global South International Studies Conference

Dear Caucus members:

Many of you have been somewhat anxiously awaiting our decision as to a change of venue for the GSCIS conference scheduled to be held in Bangkok in January 2015. As everyone is aware, the military has taken control of Thailand and the space for free and open discussion, including academic interchange, has been narrowed considerably. We are now able to announce that the venue has been changed to nearby Singapore. Our new host will but the Singapore Management University which has graciously not only stepped into the breach but also has contributed added funds to host this important conference. We are delighted to be able to transfer the site to a culturally vibrant country where there is much potential for stimulating discussions on alternative pathways to growth and development,  regionalism and security in Asia and beyond, the practice of diplomacy, global governance, constructivist approaches and many more areas of IR. 

As many of you are also aware, the cost of living in Singapore is considerably higher than in Thailand. That is why we are also delighted to announce that we have worked out very reasonable rates for hotel accommodation, comparable in fact to the hotels we had initially secured for the conference in Bangkok.   Information on the main hotel, along with the additional ones we had secured, will soon be posted on the website, and all hotels are within walking distance of the convention venue.  

We thank you for your patience as we have continued to carefully work out the mechanics of a change of venue. We always bear in mind the imperative of attracting scholars and practitioners from all areas of the world, not to mention all levels of the academic hierarchy.  We have been pleased so far with the response to our Call for Proposals. Please make plans to attend the Singapore conference and continue to submit your proposals either by clicking the old website link: or the new one A reminder: the deadline for submission is July 15th!