Thursday, April 10, 2014

Elections: Important Notice to All Members

Dear Members:

Like last year, because of the focus on issues concerning the Toronto program prior to the conference, elections are being held by the caucus immediately AFTER the conference. (A constitutional change to this effect will be proposed for your vote shortly.)

We are issuing a call now for people who are willing to stand for the following Executive Committee posts:

1) regional representative: Middle East
2) regional representative: Asia
3) regional representative: Developing Eurasia  OR issues dealing south communities located in the north.

(The members from Latin America and Africa are entering their second year of their two-year term voted on last year.)
Members will also be asked in the upcoming ballot to vote for a second term for the Treasurer, Seifudein Adem, and  the Newsletter Editor Diana Cassells. As per the constitution, these persons are allowed to run for a second term(not longer)  and have indicated that they so desire. As with other such positions, only two terms are allowed. 

At the Toronto meeting, the EXCOM made a decision to endorse a final year of service for the Chair and Vice Chair (Operations) Lisa Richey, in view of the demands of the upcoming Bangkok conference. This means that their one-year extension endorsed by members last year will be converted to two years (or, in other words, a full second term). Elections for a new Chair will be held next year. A proposal to eliminate the position of second vice chair after this year will be sent out to you shortly, in re Constitutional Changes.

Please indicate your willingness to serve by  emailing by April 18th.

Thank you and please remember to register for FLACSO by April 11th.

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