Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Dear Members:
A reminder that the deadline for submission of proposals for Toronto 2014 is fast approaching (June 1st). Please take some time out of your busy schedules to send in panels and papers.


Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and UBC Faculty Partnerships in  

 International Visiting Research Scholars


Deadline June 15, 2013

The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies has selected 13 partnerships of $10,000 to bring some of the world’s best scholars to UBC in 2013 and 2014, and is sending an additional call for two additional international visiting research scholars to visit between January and April 2014.  Given the selection of the first 13 positions, these two scholars will ideally be women scholars and/or from the global south.

This initiative allows the Peter Wall Institute to partner with UBC faculties, departments and research centres to attract outstanding scholars to work collaboratively with UBC faculty members on innovative research.

Objectives of the International Visiting Research Scholar Partnerships:
·         To bring outstanding international scholars to UBC for extended visits.
·         To foster basic and advanced research in an interdisciplinary research environment.
·         To strengthen interactions between international visiting scholars and their UBC peers.
·         To nurture longer term interdisciplinary relationships through the Institute.
·         To foster partnerships between the Institute and UBC’s faculties, departments and research centres.

·         International Visiting Research Scholars are expected to have a record of outstanding scholarship in the relevant area of research.
·         These highly competitive partnership awards will be selected based on merit and the calibre of both the proposed scholar and the research to be conducted jointly with one or more UBC scholars.
·         The International Visiting Research Scholar must visit at UBC for a minimum of three weeks.
·         Partnering UBC faculties or research centres can nominate international or Canadian scholars.

Application Requirements:
·         Completion of the attached Application Form, including proposed research, biographical note on the scholar’s fields of expertise, and a list of five relevant publications. (Note: Application form was not attached to the announcement sent to us so please contact UBC directly).
·         A UBC faculty member must be designated as primary host and contact person for the scholar.

The Institute’s Expectations:
·         International Visiting Research Scholars will undertake outstanding and innovative research in the sciences or humanities in interdisciplinary collaboration with UBC scholars.
·         Visitors will be designated International Visiting Associates of the Peter Wall Institute during their stay, and afforded all of the privileges accorded to UBC Faculty Associates of the Institute.
·         The International Visiting Research Scholar will give a public talk, suitable to an interdisciplinary audience, on some aspect of her or his current research; the event is to be organized by the UBC sponsoring faculty or research centre and jointly hosted with the Peter Wall Institute.
·         The scholar will attend at least one meeting of the Institute’s Distinguished Scholars in Residence weekly meetings.
·         The UBC faculty sponsor will organize and host a meeting between the International Visiting Research Scholar and graduate students and post-docs in the relevant disciplines.
·         To the extent possible, the Institute will provide shared office space to the International Visiting Research Scholar, in the Institute’s dynamic and highly interdisciplinary research environment.
·         The Institute’s support will be acknowledged in any subsequent publication of the research.

The Institute’s International Adjudication Committee will make a decision in early July 2013.