Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GSCIS Menton Conference: UPDATE

Dear All:
Thank you to all who have sent in proposals for the Menton conference. We will be in touch regarding acceptances soon. And for those who are still thinking about it, do hurry up and send your proposals in. This promises to be an exciting conference -- the small size alone will allow us to get to know one another in a way that we cannot do at ISA or APSA!

Please note the following:
Hotels, transport, and eating impose important budgetary constraints on conference attendance. Below, we provide a brief and tentative set of recommendations on these three factors.


For a general overview of hotels, visit the official tourism site:

For some examples of hotel rates less than 50 Euros:

The visitor can choose any price range and classification (from four stars to no classification). Keep in mind that tourism is the main source of income for the town, so there are strong incentives to adhere to regulations. Bargains for better rates would come soon, after we have a more solid idea of numbers.

Trains and buses are frequent and generally not expensive. Actually, a whole section of the Riviera is connected with an impressive network of public transport.

In-town bus rides are mostly for one Euro, and the same goes for intra-regional busses. For example, you can get from Menton to Nice, or any of the stops in between including Monte Carlo, for one euro (on the bus number 100).

Good deals can also be found for trains across the Riviera, as well as routes connecting it to further distances, say from Paris to Nice.

There are at least three large supermarkets (chains) with several branches across Menton, and many smaller convenience stores. These amenities can help keep the budget – and health concerns – in check.

Also, it goes without saying that restaurants and sandwich places are plentiful.