Thursday, May 31, 2012


Dear Members,

Just a quick reminder that the submission deadline for ISA 2013 is tomorrow, June 1st (Friday) at 12 midnight PST.  To submit a proposal, please instruct people to visit the ISA webpage ( and log into MyISA. Please note that MyISA requires each proposal to specify at least 2 tags and at least 1 section.

on behalf of Tanja Börzel
Herman Schwartz

Two other things:
Anyone who can serve as a discussant on our panel for the British ISA/ISA joint meeting coming up in Edinburgh, please let me know (see previous post for website) .

We are still accepting nominations for our Distinguished Scholar award. Please send names ASAP.

Member Meera Sabaratnam is organizing a roundtable for San Francisco. Details as follows:
I have been working with a few other scholars and journal editors on the question of open access since the last ISA. We have a roundtable coming up at the Millennium conference in London with journal editors, scholar-activists and publishers. For the one we're organising for San Francisco, we have secured participation from EJIR and some scholar-activists, and have invited the Librarian from Berkeley who has been advocating for this, as well as the editors from IO / IS. 
We're keen however to put the question of journal access in the context of global access to academic knowledge, and particularly in the context of the financial resources of universities in the Global South. I am looking for one or two people who can speak with knowledge / experience of working in institutions in the Global South who could offer some perspectives on how open access to journals might affect teaching and learning of international studies there.
Interested persons please contact Meera at